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Renters Insurance

Renters insurance works much the same way Homeowners insurance does…except it’s tailored to renters. See, when you rent, some think that the Landlord’s insurance covers you and your stuff too. But no dice. Your Landlord’s insurance is only there to cover them and their property…not yours.

That’s why Renters insurance is so important! It works to cover your:

Personal possessions – coverage for your things (clothes, furniture, electronics…that kind of stuff) up to your coverage limit.
Personal liability – coverage if you’re ever legally responsible for an injury or property damage, like if you drop some water and a guest slips and sues.
Medical payments – coverage for medical expenses if someone (other than a resident) gets hurt in an accident at your place.
Additional Living Expenses – coverage for extra temporary living expenses if your place is damaged and becomes uninhabitable.

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